Monday, January 26, 2009

our feelings. our affections.

this is just one of the few observations i have made. shallow people in the society tend to like, or perhaps infatuate, someone due to looks. people ,with depth, like someone not solely based on their looks, but also their personality traits. that would be good, but recently, i feel that there is another aspect that people tend to miss out on. this would be generalisation of their personalities. i strongly urge couples to choose carefully, and look upon your partner on a broader & wider scope. people in the society nowadays treat their partners with a lot affection and love, however, they treat others in the society like dirt and rags. what seem to you may be, "aww, he's so romantic", "he's so responsible". however, on the flipside, he might not be that ideal. thus, one suggestion would be to enter a phase of observation without bias, only through this would one attain much better and more accurate judgement of the other party.

personally, i've somewhat a hierachy for my social circle. i do admit that i don't treat all my friends with the equal attention and time span. however, what i do admit is that, i give every single one of them an adequate and reasonable amount of respect that deserve, which everyone should do the same. no one should be looked down on and despised. everyone deserves a second chance to turn a new leaf. what we can do is to help and salvage the potential friendship, by offering a helping and a lending a shoulder whenever possible. i believe only through such a mentality and philosophy will the world take a giant step towards world peace.

i have thought through, and i personally feel that it's very important to have a clear conscience. others may think badly of you, but as long as your conscience is clear, all will be good and well. it's relationship is similar to an ice-cream soda and a straw. how others view you would be the straw, however, the way you look upon yourself would be the soda. thus, which would you choose, the straw or the soda?

the next issue that i feel would be interesting to touch on, would be on issue: sex. well, this generation, or rather, my generation is a generation that take things for granted, and this will lead to many negative repurcussions. sex is not a game of chance. pleasure can be one thing, however, it's secondary. nature is fair, and we humans are made in such a way that, we should like what we do. thus, nature created us to enjoy what we do. thus, by hating things in our life, would be equivalent to going against nature. anyway, back to the point, pleasure allows us to enjoy the whole sexual intercourse, and the purpose? reproduction and the continuation of life to ensure the survival of mankind.

therefore, from here, we can conclude that pleasure obtain from sex is secondary, and the definite chief aim would be to reproduce and create people of our kind. in other words, we should not swop the priorities, and give in to something that is less significant. one of the key errors that our generation have to correct on will be our moral integrity and values. well people nowadays turn the tables around and put pleasure first, before the definite chief aim. this partly is caused by human nature and lust, which is one of the seven deadly sins. thus, we have to improve and take more notice on our personal actions and thoughts.

one of the detrimental reasons why our moral integrity and values are plagued is due to the media. the internet, magazines, movies. all these attributes to the reason why our generation is declining morally. thus, internet pornography and masturbation are definitely nonos, even though you have hit the required age-limit, because they are assistants to lust, which will destroy one's life. this is one of the reasons why successful businessmen crumble and fall when they womanize.

all in all, everything has a purpose; find the right purpose

i just took a run, and it did help with the sorting of thoughts. even though, i had made a grave mistake, i will worry no more. more often than not, people worry about the past and the future. what they neglect is the present. thus, instead of worrying about the mistakes i've incurred and the regrets that i resulted in, i will focus & live the present to the fullest. i'm gonna live my days, as if they were my last, & do what i can to improve my life, as well as for the others. this life is really a privilege given by God, and if i were to waste it on the past mistakes and continue procrastinating my life away, it would be worse, isn't it?

thus, my resolution: live my life to the fullest!

i need to get a life, seriously. i need an adrenaline rush to spice up my pathetic boring life. i'm tired of the way i'm living my life, and i need to engage in some activity that really sparks off a flame, and sex is not included. am contemplating on photography, but i think i lack the patience. maybe running would do some good, especially with health.

a brand new lunar new year, which started off pretty well, but flaws settled as the hours passed. there are some important truths in life, which i realised in the hours that passed since the breaking of dawn. firstly, i'm smitten by liu yi fei, and i've to find ways to overcome this desire for her, hahas. secondly, if we settle down and do nothing, boredom will settle in, which forces you to do certain things that you'd not want to, and they might be against your morals. i too, must find a solution to this problem. for the former, perhaps i can learn how to appreciate her, instead of getting all smitten and delirious. as for the latter, i think i should get a hobby, a pastime. i believe that would help. yes, i'm sure it will!

i need a burst of adrenaline and enthusiasm!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

this might be the last post for the lunar year of the rat. i just returned home from the reunion dinner at the concord hotel. the food was good and sumptious, pleasantly satisfying i must say. apart from the food, i have sorta sorted out my thoughts and i had a small conversation and discussion with my parents on my life, and that was helpful with my plans for the future, as well as the present. life's good, and it'll better in time to come. change has arrived. the best is yet to be.

as for the lunar new year's wishes, there are quite a few. firstly, i hope everyone will stay healthy, and those who are ill, will experience full recovery. secondly, i hope that everyone will be safe throughout the entire lunar new year, and may there be less natural disasters and terrorist attacks. thirdly, i hope that all those who are taking their major exams, such as the O-levels and PSLE, will succeed and attain the scores and grades that they want. nonetheless, i hope that everyone will achieve good grades in their studies, to benefit mankind in the future. fourthly, i hope all those who are experiencing financial difficulties, will experience a breakthrough, & may the economic situation improve, allowing everyone to prosper. lastly, i hope that the coming lunar new year will be happy, joyful and smooth-flowing.

Happy Lunar New Year!

times flies, and it's already the chinese new year. life's gonna zoom past real fast and i better catch the wave, and create a momentum so strong that it spikes the pace that my life is pacing. well, perhaps it will be good if i write down a few good and worthy resolutions for the chinese new year, and keep it to that.

1. be disciplined!
2. be determined!
3. be organised and neat!
4. do not procrastinate!
5. do not lust!
6. be more health-conscious!
7. be more pro-active in studies!
8. be punctual!
9. respect others and their ideas!
10. be more responsible!

yes, i guess my eleventh resolution is to stick to those ten written resolutions and turn those lifeless words to reality. discipline and determination are definitely lacking in my own personal and academic life. thus, being more pro-active in work & in play. i guess this is somewhat similar to enthusiasm. but nonetheless, apart from a healthy mindset, a healthy framework must come into place. thus, being neater and more organised would be advisable. following which would be the big enemy, known as procrastination. been having war with it for the past few years, but this year, i'm sure to conquer it, watch me, yeah? as for lust, it's a new & recent intrusion. but likewise, i'm gonna conquer it, though there may be temptations and distractions, to pull me out of my fortress of purity. nonetheless, i will not succumb to lusting and tempatations such as pornography. alright, i'm tired of writing on, just read on and exercise your fertile imagination on the other four, yeah?

gotta shower and head for the reunion dinner, cya!